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Portable waste compactors

AJK portable waste compactors were designed for collecting larger amounts of waste and recyclable materials in situations where flexibility with respect to location is also important.

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Static waste compactors

Static compactors are used to collect very large amounts of waste and recyclable materials. These materials are compressed as much as possible, which allows substantial savings on transport and logistics costs.

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AJK electrical-hydraulically driven tipping devices facilitate the emptying of your rolling containers, wire mesh containers, pallet boxes, DIN containers… Diverse handling options are possible.

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Maintenance and repairs

Just like trucks, compactor containers, container trailers, earth dumpers, etc. also require scheduled maintenance. AJK supports you with the repair, maintenance and assembly of compactor containers and other products from our range. With specific knowledge and materials, we send our technicians from the service team out to our customers on a daily basis to guarantee a fast and reliable service.


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