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When a family owned business keeps expanding for 55 years, you can literally expect a working capacity of 11.5 hectares. But speaking metaphorically you’ll find a team of 195 passionate workers trying to transform the flat steel plates that come into the factory to get out as the finest containers, waste compactors, tippers and container trailers.

  1. Modern manufacturing

    The steel grit blasting machine, implemented in 2010, guarantees a thorough cleansing of our products, providing the well-known long lasting lacquer.
    The latest quality investment is the fully automated laser cutting machine (LVD Sirius) to achieve a clean and fast preparatory workflow. And on top of it those complicated cutting motions are now past tense!

  2. Proven quality by CE marking

    Thanks to the CE markings, EN and NEN certificates AJK can present its customers a permanent prove of quality. We are working hard to keep up with our quality standard and the expectations of our customers. That way we keep developing our processes so we can see new products leaving the company frequently!

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AJK Renting is there to provide you with the right product at the right time. If you are not yet ready to proceed with a purchase, or if a purchase is not necessary, you can call upon AJK Renting for rental in the longer term. Containers, waste compactors, trailers and tipper tucks are all permanently held in stock.

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We have created a stock range for you comprising the most commonly sold models, because our products for our customers must often comply with a number of standard requirements.
We hold a permanent stock of containers, waste compactors, tipper trucks and container trailers.

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Maintenance and repairs

Just like trucks, compactor containers, container trailers, earth dumpers, etc. also require scheduled maintenance. AJK supports you with the repair, maintenance and assembly of compactor containers and other products from our range. With specific knowledge and materials, we send our technicians from the service team out to our customers on a daily basis to guarantee a fast and reliable service.


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