AJK NV takes over HYDROLIFT NV’s hooklift hoist systems division

(from left to right Gunter Janssen en Peter Hendriks)

HYDROLIFT NV (Bree), a manufacturer of industrial tanks and hooklift hoist systems, experienced financial difficulties in 2016. Last June, the company went in search of means to shield itself from its creditors using track 3 under the law on the continuity of enterprises (WCO) – Judicial reorganisation through transfer under judicial supervision.

AJK NV (Bocholt) is the largest user of HYDROLIFT NV’s hooklift hoist systems and was interested in taking over the turnery and milling division as well as the hooklift hoist systems division.

Takeover of employees

In its ruling dated 31 July 2017, the Commercial Court approved the offer from AJK NV, which came into effect on 1 August 2017 and resulted in the takeover of 49 of the 75 people employed by HYDROLIFT, the systems division machinery, the customer portfolio, and the intellectual rights.

Through this process, AJK NV is guaranteeing the production, distribution, and aftercare of the hooklift hoist systems, which now fall under the aegis of AJK NV. Production, sales, and aftercare will continue at the Bree site until the end of 2017, after which the entire activity will be moved to the AJK Kaulille (Bocholt) site. Gunter Janssen, AJK NV Managing Director, has confirmed this news.

The AJK NV – Hooklift hoist systems division contacts are:

General Manager :    Gunter Janssen (gunter.janssen@ajk.eu – +32(0)11 440 401)
Sales & Deliveries :   Peter Hendriks (peter.hendriks@ajk.eu – +32 (0)475 252 271)
Production & Service :    Stijn Loos (stijn.loos@ajk.eu – +32 (0)11 440 400)